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Cow and Bull Special Sale

December 20, 2023

4:30 PM at Joplin Regional Stockyards 

Russell Hamill Trust of Adair, OK

77 – good quality home raised commercial Angus spring calving bred heifers. Heifers will be 30 months old at time of calving, bred to registered Angus low birth weight bulls with a 45-day calving window starting 02/15/24. All heifers were vaccinated at 9 months of age for Brucellosis (bangs) at weaning by Pryor Vet Clinic and have been on an excellent vaccination and mineral program. No heifers on our farm ever receive any growth implants. Our cattle have excellent herd health and the only cattle purchased for our beef cattle operation for the past 30 years are virgin registered Angus bulls.  Ready to turn out to pasture, received 2nd round of Vira-Shied 6 w/Lepto Vibtio, pinkeye/blackleg, 2 rounds of Anaplasmosis vaccine, and Ivermectin injectable wormer during Pryor Vet pregnancy test on 08/09/23 (had over 94% conception rate). Very docile, easy to handle and in excellent condition. FMI Glenn Hamill 918-915-0818. VIEW VIDEO 1, VIEW VIDEO 2

60 – Home raised black and Red Angus heifers, bred to Angus bulls, start calving March and April 2024, all have been worked with the vaccinations. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

105 – Black cows, Angus base, with 40 fall pairs, more calves by sale day, 4-year-olds to short & solid, bred to Gelbvieh bulls. FMI Chester Palmer 918-540-4929.

120 – Fancy Angus heifers weighing 1100 pounds, out of Angus cows and percentage Simmental bulls, AI bred to Bismark LBW Angus bulls, cleaned up with Kiser Angus bulls, will start calving February 10 for 45 days. FMI Skyler Moore 417-737-2615. VIEW VIDEO

21 – Black cows Angus base, with a few pairs, 5-year-olds to short & solid, mostly 2nd and 3rd period, bred Gelbvieh. FMI Chester Palmer 918-540-4929.

45 – Black cows, 3 to 7-year-olds, bred to black Angus bulls, second and third trimesters. FMI Jr Smith 870-373-1150.

1 – Registered Limousin bull, 18 months old, LBW and high marbling, KBPS 222K (Tattoo), extremely docile, double black and double polled. FMI Joe Smith 479-640-6441.

25 – Black Angus cows, 4 to 5-year-olds, all in the 3rd trimester, bred to black Angus bulls. FMI Cotton Reed 417-342-5373. 

65 – Black Angus pairs, 4 to 6-year-olds, bulls be in with them for 35 days. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

15 – Black first calf heifers, bred to black Angus bull, home-raised, start calving January 1, 2024 FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

15 – Black second calf heifers, bred Simmental, home-raised, start calving January 1, 2024. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

55 – Black Angus cows, 4 to SS ages, bred Simmental, home-raised, will start calving January 1, 2024.  FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

40 – Red Angus heifers bred to low birth weight Worthington Angus bull, start calving February first. 95 – Spring calving black cows 3 to 6-year-olds, bred to Angus and Charolais bulls. FMI Jim Hacker 417-328-8905.

3 – Two-year-old bulls, one is a registered Red Angus Pharo Cattle Company bull, one is a registered Simmental red bull and one is a red Sim-Angus registered bull. FMI Jim Schiltz 417-850-7850. 

 4 – AI pairs are 7-9,  AI bull: Tehama Tahoe. 5 – Pairs 7-9, RA Brown calves. 2 – Pairs 2-5 yrs <30 days old, RA Brown calves. 3 – Bred cows 5-9 yrs. All registered Angus bulls. FMI Mark Harmon 417-316-0101. VIEW VIDEO

84 – Angus cows, 3 to SS, sired by Angus bull, start calving February, complete dispersal. FMI Tim Durman 417-438-3541.

Offering a set of black baldie heifers that are all half-sisters from one ranch. These heifers represent the best of northern genetics that have  been developed on fescue in Southwest Missouri. The heifers have had Dr. Ted Dahlstrom’s vaccination program. They were artificially inseminated on May 6 to Worthington Discipline. Then cleaned up with Worthington Discipline’s sons. They will start calving the second week of February to the artificial insemination date then start three weeks later to the clean-up bulls. It will be hard to find a set of heifers to compare to these. From the Alumbaugh Ranch in Carthage, Missouri. FMI Bailey Moore 417-540-4343. VIEW VIDEO

95 – Angus and a few Red Angus cows, 3 to 5-year-olds with a few pairs, calves 2 months old, balance springers, bred to Angus bulls, cows weigh 1150 to 1250 pounds. FMI Jackie Moore 417-825-0948.

60 – Black and black baldy 1st calf heifers, bred to Worthington calving ease bulls, start calving late February, all pelvic measured, all heifers on current vaccination program, heifers are 3 generations of AI breeding and out of performance tested bulls, heifers weigh 1100 to 1200 pounds. FMI Jackie Moore 417-825-0948. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2



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