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Cow and Bull Special Sale

June 7, 2023 

4:30 PM following regular cow sale 

350 Cow Complete Dispersal

50  – Pairs, black and black baldy, 4 to 5-year-olds, calves are 150 to 250 pounds sired by Hereford bulls, cows bred back to Hereford bulls. FMI Cotton Reed 417-342-5373.

75 – Pairs, black and black baldy, running ages, calves are 150 to 250 pounds, exposed back to Hereford bulls. FMI Cotton Reed 417-342-5373

50 – Pairs, Char X and a few reds, running ages, calves are 150 to 250 pounds, cows exposed back to Charolais and Beefmaster bulls. FMI Cotton Reed 417-342-5373.

150 – Mixed cows, running ages, fall calvers, bred to Hereford, Charolais and Beefmaster bulls. FMI Cotton Reed 417-342-5373.


50 – Mixed cows with a few pairs, 5 to short solid, bred to Mead Angus bulls. FMI Nick Flannigan 417-316-0048.

7 – Three to 5-year-old Angus pairs. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

1 – Three-year-old ½ Red Angus ½ Charolais bull. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

75  – Black Angus cows, 5 to SS, start calving September 1, bred to Legendary Angus bulls, current vaccinations, all home-raised. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

5 – 18-month-old Legendary Angus bulls. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

20 – Running age Angus cows, bred back to Angus or Ultra black bulls, start calving Sept 1. FMI Larry Mallory 417-461-2275.

42 – Black and Red cows, 4 to 6-year-olds, start calving first of September, bred to Red & Black Angus bulls. FMI Marcus Thogmartin 417-850-3535.

1 – 2 1/2 year-old black Simmental bull out of Executive Order. FMI Jason Pendleton 417-437-4552.

31 – Red and black Angus cows, 5 to 7-year-olds with March born calves by side, calves are Red Angus or black Angus, plus 12 fall bred to Red Angus or black Simmental bulls. FMI Bryan Haskins 417-850-4382.

40 – Red & black Angus cows, 4 to 9-year-olds, start calving Sept 1, bred to red Simmental or Balancer. FMI Tim Durman 417 -438-3541.

25 – Black bred heifers, bred to LBW Express Ranch and R A Brown bulls, 90-day calving period, all EPD’s are negative birth weight, double digit calving ease. FMI Nathan Ponder 636-395-7839.

55 – 3-year-old black cows, bred to Express Ranch bulls, start calving late August thru September for 75 days. FMI Nathan Ponder 636-395-7839.

37 – Black mix cows, running ages, bred to Express Ranch, R A Brown or Sexton Genetics. FMI Nathan Ponder 636-395-7839.

145 – 3 to 7-year-old cows, ½ black Angus &  ½ Charloais X with a touch of ear. There will be 80 pairs with calves weighing 150 to 400 pounds, cows bred back to Red Angus, Charolais or Hereford bulls. All cattle on a good health program. FMI Jackie Moore 4127-825-0948.

17 - Black Angus X females bred to RA Brown Black Angus bulls, vaccination program. FMI Mark Harmon 417-316-0101. VIEW VIDEO

2 - coming three-year-old registered Hereford bulls that are grandsons of the National Champion bull Times A Wastin. 5 - yearling Hereford bulls that are sons of the three-year-old bulls - registration pending on these bulls. All of the bulls have been fully vaccinated for viral respiratory with Cattle Master Gold FP, 5 L5, for Clostridial with Ultrachoice 8, for Trich with TrichGuard for Trich, and with Piliguard for Pinkeye. They are fly-free and de-wormed with Ivermectin Pour-On. Bulls are from G Bar T Ranch in Pevely, Mo. FMI Mary Ann Friese 573-225-7932. 

G-Bar-T-Ranch-copy.jpg G-Bar-T-Ranch-IMG_1234-copy.jpgG-Bar-T-Ranch-IMG_1225-copy.jpg


18 - cows 1/2 Wagyu and 13 - calves 3/4 Wagyu. 13 - cows 1/2 Wagyu and 7 calves 3/4 Wagyu. Cows range in age from 3 to 5-year-olds with calves from newborn to 300 pounds. FMI Jr. Smith 870-373-1150. VIEW VIDEO 1, VIEW VIDEO 2, VIEW VIDEO 3


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